Professor at School of Computer science and Engineering of Soongsil University in Seoul

- Address

School of Computer science and Engineering, Soongsil University, 369, Sangdo-Ro, Dongjak-Gu, Seoul, 06978, Republic of Korea .
(E-mail) hsnaa@ssu.ac.kr (Tel) +82-2-828-7170 (Fax) +82-2-822-3622

- Academic Career

- Courses

* Problem Solving
* Discrete Mathematics I, II
* Linear Algebra
* Algorithm
* Automata and Theory of Computation
* Numerical Analysis Using Matlab (Graduate, 2009/1)
* Geometric Algorithms I, II (Graduate, 20111)


- Research & Publications

* Main Interest: Computational Geometry
* Others: Computer Graphics, Operation Research

* International Journal Publications: Link to DBLP.

* Domestic Journal Publications:

- Blockchain-Based Juridical AI Registration System, Journal of Digital Convergence, Vol.18(5), pp 17-23, 2020.(with Mingyu Jeon and Chiyeon Hwang, download)
- Blockchain-Based User-Participatory Game Update: Maze Escape Game Case, Journal of Korea Game Society, Vol.19(4), pp 85-96, 2019.(with Mingyu Jeon and Chiyeon Hwang, download)
- Automatic Multi-drone Path Planning using Network Flow Algorithms, Journal of Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems, Vol.25(4), pp 301-311, 2019.(with Youngsun Seo and Hyobin Lee, download)
- Plane sweep algorithm for circular arcs, Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences(FJMS), Vol.103(10), pp 1647-1678, 2018. download)
- Stealthy Behavior Simulations Based on Cognitive Data, Journal of Korea Game Society, Vol.16(2), pp 27-40, 2016.(with Taeyeong Choi, download)
- Making Levels More Challenging with a Cooperative Strategy of Ghosts in Pac-Man, Journal of Korea Game Society, Vol.15(5), pp 89-98, 2015.(with Taeyeong Choi, download)
- Improving A Stealth Game Level Design Tool, Journal of Korea Game Society, Vol.15(4), pp 29-38, 2015.(written in Korean, with Sanghyeok Jeong, Juhong Jeong, download)
- A Settlement Selection Scheme for Map Generalization, Journal of KIISE : Software and Applications, Vol.40(12), pp 848-858, 2013.(with Nguyen Ngoc Dung, download)
- The Tight Upper Bound on the Offline Cop Number, Journal of KIISE : Computer Systems and with Theory, Vol.40(4), pp 193-200, 2013.(with Yu-Seok Jo, download)
- Distributed Event Detection Algorithm considering Tradeoff between Accuracy and Cost, Journal of KIISE: Information Networking, Vol.38(2), pp 117-126, 2011.(with Nhu Tuan Anh, download)
- Finding a Second-Best Coverage Path, Journal of KIISE: Computer Systems and Theory, Vol.35(8), pp 385-393, 2008.(with Junghee Kim, download)

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